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The Art Gym is an artist’s studio subsidized by the John Natsoulas Gallery.  Mostly the people there were associated with the gallery in some way.  I was a Preparator during my time as a member.  The Art Gym provided inexpensive studio space.

Apple and Persimmon

As a preparator, I began to consider gallery installation and travel of the work.  I experimented with a simple stand for the clay paper, and used India ink.  The source of this was a Zen Painting called "Five Persimmons"


I continue to study the erosive process as a mark-maker.  This was a particular successful piece.

Self Painting in Blue

These paintings are displayed in conjunction with a video depicting the ink traveling across the canvas of it's own accord.  The kernel of investigation began with a questioning into the validity of documentation and grew from there.

Self Painting in Blue Detail

Self Painging in Green and Detail

Alchemy of Music

This piece was donated to the Sacramento Orchestra Teachers for a fundraiser.  They gave me an old violin and I chopped it in half.  I kept the other half around and used it later.

Like my Fathers

Casting of my nose made with Crayola colored paraffin and placed upon an examination dish. 

Lower Jaw Rendition

Ceramic sculpture created during my anatomical studies.  I believe that abstraction is a subtractive process in which I remove more and more information and retain the gestalt of the subject.  Before that can happen, a detailed examination of the whole must occur.

Photo Album...
Salt Boxes

At the gallery, I learned to frame and found that the framing can enhance the work.

Step in the Process

Porcelain handles from Converswaytion.  I was attempting to show the mess associated with their fabrication.

The Medium is the Message and Detail

Inspired by the book of the same name.
Think about it.

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