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            Elsewhere Assemblages

The shop was filled with objects.  What follows is a collection of works I created by combining found objects from the shop.


Work is never done.  A textiles reference and an ill-placed hunk of ornate metal precariously balanced over the edge of a shoddy wood construction.

Hot Date

A sweet little thing that came together because I found these cutout "Date" texts.  Who cut them out and why I will never know.  But I know that they mean now.

Improvement on Minimalism

Improvement on Minimalism Detail

A thought about minimalism and what it was dealing with in the eyes of an artist/ jerk.


The fall of man was such a set up.  Look at this tiny string and obviously there is something good in there just screaming to get out.

Tent Peg

Purely aesthetic.  I was fascinated with the idea that this was the method of securing the walls of your tent back in the day.

The Mapping of a Forgotten Object

I found this case in the upstairs all dusty and drab.  Only when I opened it did the red velvet come through.  I became obsessed with finding out what the case housed.  There were wear marks in the velvet and I attempted to discover what the object was by marking the points of abrasion.

The Mapping of a Forgotten Object Detail

At first I thought it was a case for a rifle, but too many holes remain.  I think it might have been some sort of scientific equipment, but I give up.

Candle Stick Holder

Plywood Writing

The idea of furtive necessary mark making being so compelling that any surface will due so long as it is immediately available.

Plywood Writing Two

I really lost a bit of myself in completing these.  I wrote in a stream of consciousness and attempted to completely immerse myself in the thought.  It was quite demanding.

Do Roaches Have a Heart?

This is a story of what happened to me during my first night at Elsewhere.  I scared a roach to death.

Self Painting in Yellow

During my time at Elsewhere I completed a Self Painting in Yellow, sort of a magician on the street sort of thing in which I was able to go out and create one of my current series using the materials on hand.

Drip Plate

A sounding board for my contact mic. and water drop.  I projected the sound out a speaker on the street.  The small purple stamp is 404, the address of Elsewhere.

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