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            Belden Brick Residency

Nestled in Canton Ohio amongst the quilters and Amish is one of the finest brick production plants known to man.  In truth, I believe Belden  offered up this residency as a good faith relationship with OSU (due to the university's massive purchasing of the product).  You can visit their website at http://www.beldenbrick.com

This is a die used for brick formation.  The clay is extruded like an industrial playdough fun factory.

This is a shot of the clay as it is being extruded.  The next step is slicing the clay into individual bricks.

This is called a Beehive Kiln due to its dome top.  It is where the greenware bricks get fired.  The tubes are color coated for Oxygen (blue) and Natural Gas (yellow)

Lots of Beehive Kilns = Lots of bricks

The interior of the kiln is larger than most New York apartments.
That is Brian Belden himself.

The finished product.

So we were invited to use the Greenware bricks to make a sculpture out of them.  The Beldin crew would have fired whatever we made, but I was more interested in the properties of the unfired clay at this point.  I was wondering how much tension and pressure it could sustain.  I sunk hooks into the clay and suspended them from wires. 

Horse Apples
Probably the most interesting thing about Beldin was that the factory workers were astounded that you could take the clay and make something out of it that was not a brick.  They were convinced that these coil built eggs would not survive a firing. 

Each brick is stamped with a date.

This was my goodbye note to the Belden Factory.

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