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            Bowl Erosion

During my time at The Ohio State University, my work took on the overtones of scientific investigation.  It is important to note that science is generally guided by beginnings and end goals.  My work had nothing of the sort.

The following is one of my experiments.


Two coil built clay bowls were lined with plaster.  In the foreground bowl I mixed bits of NaOH.  In the background bowl I mixed an "indicator" into the plaster.  The indicator turns bright pink in the presence of NaOH.  I dripped water into each bowl that contained the compliment to the reaction, i.e. I dripped water with indicator into the bowl with the NaOH pellets and vice versa.

"1 Minute"
You can see that the bowl with indicator in the plaster and NaOH dissolved in water gives a more striking reaction.

Detail of the reaction

NaOH mixed into the plaster did not create such a striking change.  You can see that the plaster reacted to the NaOH as well, creating those darker spots. 

"2 Minutes"

I felt that this reaction was more satisfying because the pink reaction appeared out of nowhere.

"30 Minutes"

Unfortunately, the pink coloration disappeared as the NaOH was neutralized.  Too bad for me, I wanted the pink splatters to remain.

"Plaster Remains Indicator"

In addition to the chemical reaction experimentation, I was also interested in the unfired clay bowls slaking away from the interior plaster shell as though they shed their skin.

"Plaster Remains NaOH"

I used different clay for this bowl.  I foud it less successful due to the similarities in color.
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