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This show happened in 2002 at the end of my first year in the MFA program at Ohio State.  The gallery was called Sky Lab.  It was a chance to get the work out of the studio.  Things look so much more important when they are in a gallery rather than your studio. 

The Announcement

I had the show with a fellow MFA-er in the painting department.  In truth, she got the space but was working on such a small scale she feared not being able to fill it.  Kate asked if I would like to join her.  Her work is on the right and mine is on the left.  Those colorful elements are those 3-pronged knobby beads that interlock with some wax in between them (to give you an idea of scale). 

In the end, I think she regretted asking.

A Precious Object

This was the first thing you saw upon entering the show.  It is a small porcelain object (the one from the announcement) nestled in a pillow suspended by thread from the ceiling.  I was considering the fetish object, something to be obsessing over that you could completely fit into the palm of your hand, and juxtaposing that with a precarious display of it.  Hence the suspending of the piece by threads.

Mapping of an Object Through Time

This piece was an investigation of the motion that a handle makes as it turns.  I thought of it as a worm trail of the handle.  What surprised me was the organic nature that the form took on.  Most people thought it was a spinal column (the bone white nature of the handles probably added to that) or a DNA helix.


Along with fetish objects comes the sexuality/ sensuality.  I was looking into the works of George Batille and Hans Bellmer regarding the nature of human sexuality.  In both cases I decided that I was more of a moderate than they were but they made some good points. 

Belly Egg

A bellybutton, the mark of birth, in an egg.  My direct visual interpretation from the collaborative work of "The Story of the Eye" by George Batille and illustrated by Hans Bellmer.  Well worth a read if you can find it.  In many cases of the show I am using pillows to emphasize the precious regard that I had for these objects and would like to point out that I learned to sew and made all these pillows myself.


I drew the most from this piece and applied it to a future body of work.  Tiny porcelain orbs suspended from the ceiling just above pillows. 

Suspended Detail

The orbs are abstractions of lungs, with the drips hinting at fluid on the lungs a.k.a pneumonia.  Notice the orbs not quite touching the pillows and yet there is a slight indent upon the pillows.  This space (achieved with a simple tacking of thread) was perhaps the crowning achievement of the entire show.


Perhaps the most hilarious of all the pieces, this wall hanging is about 32 inches tall.  Gasmask was derived from a childhood story that I am not going to tell you, but trust me it is hella funny. 

Two Suspended Forms

More fetish objects suspended from the ceiling upon pillows.  So cute!

Hand it to You

This piece is viewable upon exit from the gallery.  It is a cast hand holding what I intended to be interpreted as blood cells.  If you ever see an object that looks too perfect then you know that the object was made from a mold. 

Overall I was quite pleased with the show and thought it gave me a lot of information.  I would recommend getting the work "out there" to anybody as that is the maturation of all art.
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