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My current group of sculptures derived from quarter breaks at the Craft Center during which time we clean and repair equipment. Another, even more important event that happens is the clearing out of unclaimed locker contents. The sculptures that I have created use forgotten or unwanted objects as the raw materials.

"Look at the Fools"

The sculptures tend to be on the small side. Another great push for the creation of these objects was due to my infatuation with lead soldering technique as a joining process.
The above sculpture actually owes its fools gold to my wife. She was selling her rock collection at our garage sale, but I insisted on keeping a few for later use.

"A Look at Mason Stains"

Mason Stains are colorants used in ceramic glaze recipes.
Both of the above sculptures were accepted into "Small Works" a juried exhibition held annually by the City of Davis. "Look at the Fools" received and honorable mention.


"A Little Construction"

A major point of interest for me regarding these objects is the use of solder as a joining medium.  The quest of sticking something to something is an underlying theme throughout my work.

"Pocket Lenses"


Cherry Jar

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