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            Clay Erosion

This event marked a turning point in my Graduate studies.  I was thinking about the inharent qualities of the clay.  Water was a major element in the formation of clay.. erosion.  Iron plays a big part as well.

Iron Erosion

I set this up with the clay orb suspended above the porcelain white clay mound.  Water dripped slowly down the mono-filament suspending the clay orb and struck the mound below.  The ball and the mound combined into a new object through the reagent of water.  Rust formed on the steel plate as the days passed.


Day 2

I especially enjoyed the delicate way in which the mound began to slake, and the elaborate pattern the water spots created in rust.

Day 3

You can see the water frozen in mid drop.  The white clay was gradually dispersed across the steel plate.  The mound collapsed due to the capillary ability of the clay.  Also, the steel plate's cut edge kept the water from flowing off.  One of the most captivating elements of this piece was the rhythmic quality of the water traveling down the mono-filament.

Day 3 Detail


I really enjoyed these colors and textures.  These elements were created through the absence of my hand.  I set the machine in motion and let the more appropriate mark maker take its course.

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