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            Lighter Repair Project

I have always been attracted to the craftsman.  The process becomes a work of art.

Lighter Parts

One of my upstairs adventures yielded this box of zippo-like lighter parts.  The lighters were not so much broken as never assembled. I decided to see how many working lighters I could produce.

Production Video

I created a video of my hands assembling the lighters.  They were quite tricky, but I did develop a method.  Over time my eye was keyed in on the details of the various parts.  I could tell if a sprocket was bunk or not.

Finished Lighters

In the end I was able to produce over 60 working lighters.  I was quite satisfied with the results.  As a side note, I was assembling the lighters in the front window of the Elsewhere shop sort of the Craftsman on display type thing.

Assembly Line

A setup with the lighters hot-glued to a board.

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