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I was invited to take part in a group exhibition of "kitsch" works.  It just so happened that the invitation coincided with a finding of a plaster mold that would produce an young and androgynous bust with clown attributes.  How could I say no?

The mold was actually quite tricky to cast well due to the overall shape of the bust (the neck is a choke point for the slip) and the primitive nature of my tools.

I truly made a grand effort to finish them as kitsch as possible.  For inspiration I took the day off and watched QVC.

The finishing materials I used were Oil Pastels (applied with makeup brushes) and spray-paint.  The cone hat was a colored spray-paint and I coated the whole piece in a semi-gloss clear-coat to seal the pastel on and provide a subtle skin-like finish.

All Hail 1980 color theory.

The most ironic thing about this series is that they all sold, which is by far a first for anything that I have ever created.   My wife was terribly happy to see them all go.

How can you not love a face like that?

One final overview.
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