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            Tee Shirts

At the UC Davis Craft center we have a quarterly party in recognition of all the great work that our volunteer staff does.  At the party each volunteer gets a tee shirt printed in house.

A personal favorite.  This image was derived from the "Pork" campaign.  The UC Davis Craft Center is a division of Campus Recreation that is mostly about sports.  I was considering a line of text that read, "The Other Sport" but went with ambiguity.

End of winter quarter falls near St. Patrick's Day.


... as in Shaft!   As a side note, these Tee's were printed in multiple colors, but the process of Screen-printing requires black images on transparences.  The color comes into play later.

This Tee was designed for an end-of-quarter de-stress night in which students could come in after finals to unwind.

The end of quater party was themed after a crafting competiton.

This design was for the staff baseball league.  The "face" of the player was the logo for the ARC (activities and recreation center) though it has since been replaced.

Hello Kitty sewing machine turnes into a machina of destruction.  What's not to love?

This was a teeshirt that i designed for a meeting of West Coast craft centers.  A fruitful gathering of similar institutions.

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