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            Undergraduate works

The best of the worst!  This is the work that I was executing as an undergraduate at The University of Georgia.  My instructors were Ted Saupe and Andy Nasisse.  Mostly Andy influenced me.

Coil Pots

As a junior, I had decide that hand building was the method of construction I liked best.  These pots were coil and slab built.  Most were subjected to multiple mid-to-low range firing.  The yellow pot with two clay balls was smashed on my roommate's head.

Coil Sculptures

These sculptures represent my senior year and exit show at UGA.  Sadly, my documentation of the show was not digital and these details are all I currently have available for posting.

I had a revelation between the Junior and senior year.  I decided that there was no good reason to hold onto the notion of a "functional vessel." Accordingly I created purely sculptural objects.  They were between 2 and 3 feet tall, relatively slender and mostly coated in a Black Asphalt glaze that I developed.

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