jaredtolla: Photography

A collection of my Black and White photographs.  These photos were taken during my undergraduate days at UGA.  I enjoyed the photographic process and continue to include it conceptually in my work.  Also, a command of the photographic vein is necessary for all art forms.


Most of these photos were of a road trip from Georgia to Texas.  Tom was a fellow artist and roommate of many years.  Good Times!


Tom's best friend growing up.  One of my personally favorite photos... even though he is wearing socks with Berk's.

Gas Mask

A divergence from the road trip.  This was an assignment to re-interpret a past artists' work.  I loved the images of Ed. Weston and was initially thinking that I would re-create one of his macro-stills, but this girl offered to pose for me out of the blue.  Ed did a shot of a girl in a gas mask, and Tom had a gas mask so it was a home run.  I looked, but couldn't find the original.


Back to the Road Trip.  Actually, they are a little out of order as the shot of Bobby was taken at our final destination and this is on the way there.


A stop on the road going where we shouldn't

The King

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