jaredtolla: Self Painting Show

Self Painting Show

I had this show at the Craft Center gallery in 2006. Self Paintings are paintings that paint themselves. The finished paintings were shown with a looped video of their creation.

Self Paintings

This is an image of the left side of the show. There is the T.V. in the background with the video playing. Each one of these paintings is shown in the video. The opposite wall was a complete window, so it was annoying to photograph.

Far End

A close-up of the video with a flanking Self Painting In Red.

Self Painting 1

This was the first painting I made. I was considering the falsification of documentation and how the "making of" is often more important then the final object.

Tiny Self Paintings

The video of these little guys (each one is a 3x5) was an assembly line production of them. I thought that the grid format harkened back to the mass production feel.




Stacked Glass Series

In addition to the standard Self Painting format, I included this series of Stacked Glass images. There is am image placed behind two thick pieces of glass and abstract oil painting is placed between the layers. Notice all the red dots? These babies moved!


I cut a hole in a violin and magnified the tiny self painting with a lens. I liked the idea of music being incorporated into the piece. I had also carefully selected music for the segments of the video.

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